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Alabama Gulf Coast 1. Acrylic on Rough Gessoed Plywood24 in. x 24 in

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The Latest Fine Art Prints From the Gulf Coast!

Davis Storm

Davis Bayou After the Storm. Acrylic on Panel

There are a number of acrylic paintings that were a part of the donor rewards program that are available as fine art digital prints. The first series of 5 has been completed and additional paintings are being created, inspired by the views along the Gulf Coast. The originals will be on sale throughout the year and prints of those will also be available through Fine Art America. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to the Gulf Restoration Network.

Book Shot

Eye on the Gulf Coast – The View From a New England Artist

This is the story of the recent events along the Gulf Coast, as seen by a New England Artist. It is a unique perspective on the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the remaining devastation from hurricane Katrina along the Gulf as well as the resiliency of the people and the beauty of the land and waters there.

Through his watercolors, photographs, sketches and brief conversations with residents along the coasts of western Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, Paul Gaj has compiled his observations and images into an 80-page story of human character, cultural appreciation, and historical and technical insight.

Paul hopes his “view” will impact continued awareness, focus, and understanding of the consequences and results of this economic and environmental disaster.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book and fine art prints will be going to the Gulf Restoration Network. Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) is a 16 year old environmental advocacy non-profit that works to unite and empower people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf of Mexico region. GRN plays a pivotal role in coordinating strategic collaborations across the Gulf, providing its members with technical assistance, and running effective campaigns to successfully address environmental threats in Gulf communities.

With an exclusive focus on the health of the Gulf of Mexico, GRN quickly mobilized resources to respond to the 2005 hurricanes and the 2010 BP oil drilling disaster. GRN continues to fight for the clean flowing waters into the Gulf, healthy coastal areas, and vibrant offshore ecosystem that are essential to resilient communities and healthy wildlife in the region.




Fine Art Prints Now Available!

Apalach Bay

Apalachicola Bay Autumn Morning. Acrylic on Panel

Miss Delta

Mississippi River Delta at Dawn. Acrylic on Panel

West Florida Pan

Western Florida Panhandle Looking Towards the Gulf. Acrylic on Panel

01-20-2011 Groton, MA

After viewing and editing the 2,720 images I captured on my trip, and reviewing my notes, drawings, and memory, I am happy to say that I am prepared to release the book to print early next week. I have spent a good deal of time trying to make my information as accurate as possible and to offer a selection of images that I felt best conveyed the story. The biggest problem for me is I am limited by economics to build an 80 page book. There are so many sub-stories and additional images to include that they can only be experienced through my future presentations and exhibitions.

I think this is a great thing. I had no idea to what extent I would be able to collect enough information to give my view of the Gulf Coast in such a short time. It is a beautiful area with wonderful people and they are still feeling the aftermath of both Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. I hope this project will keep the attention on their situation and help to some degree.

You can visit Fine Art America to view the collection of photographs, drawings and paintings from the Gulf Coast. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these prints will go to the Gulf Restoration Network. There will be more images added over the next few weeks as well. I will keep you updated on future exhibitions and presentations. Thank you again to all of my supporters.

Paul Gaj


12-27-2010 Groton, MA

The winter storm I am watching through my studio window is a far cry from the sunny days spent along the Gulf in early November. I am digging through my notes, reference materials and hundreds of images as I piece together my story. I may be a little off the target in my hopes for having the book to print by January 5, 2011. (A self-imposed deadline). But, you can be assured I am trying to make my pages as accurate, relevant and cleanly designed as possible.

One of the challenges and more time consuming elements of the book has been a map of the areas of the Gulf Coast that I visited. It is an integral part of the story and puts the geography, events and images into perspective for myself and the reader. As you can imagine, this took some time to create. Below is an image of the map you can click on to see a more detailed version. Prints of the map itself are also available through Fine Art America.

Gulf Map

The Gulf of Mexico showing the North Basin Coastline of the Continental U.S.

The New York Times just released an in-depth article on the Deepwater Horizon that sheds some light on the events that led to the spill. There is far more information than I could have possibly collected that may be of interest to you.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments or need additional information on the project status. I have a tentative venue for a presentation and exhibit in the local area scheduled for sometime later in 2011. Look here for specific dates and times.


I have been documenting the transformation of the Gulf in the wake of the oil spill through my watercolors, photographs, sketches and brief conversations with residents over a three week period and compiling my observations into a book and exhibition titled “Eye on the Gulf Coast. The View From a New England Artist”.

After 19 days and over 4,700 miles of travel, I have amassed a considerable number of images and insights from the Gulf. You can read the daily log of my trip by going to my Journal. I am currently in the process of writing the book, editing the images and creating a number of paintings based on my experience. The people of the Gulf Coast can't help but be affected from the lingering devestation brought on by hurricane Katrina and the impact that still has on the area. Couple that with the uncertainty of healthy fishing and oystering zones, stained beaches and questionable compensation agreements, and it is a wonder that many haven't given up. They haven't.

Over the next few months, I will be setting up presentations and exhibition dates and locations for my artwork and story. Please visit this site for updated schedules and release dates on the book and artwork. Once again, I want to thank all the supporters and donors and the great people I met along the Gulf for making this project possible.

Paul Gaj







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